Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Client defined

I just came across a great definition for "Client".

"A client is a partner, someone who I have an intimate relationship, is in it with me for the long haul, someone with whom I co-invent the future, a person/organization in whose outcome I have a big personal stake, someone with whom I have an emotional bond, someone with whom I can’t work if trust is not paramount, a fellow professional who, like me, wrestles with intractable problems, the source of my reputation (for better or for worse), my No.1 “word of mouth” marketer, someone who grows with me, someone who loses when I lose, someone who wins when I win."

The greatest thing in the definition, is that it is not only descriptive, but also prescriptive. It tells you how to treat your "customers" to convert them into "clients". In português, "client" is translated into "freguês", which I love, because is the same word used for people frequenting a bar. I'm shure that if you ask a bartender, he can tell you the difference easier than an IT Sales rep.

By the way, the definition is quoted from Tom Peters book "REINVENTING WORK: the professional service firm 50". I'll go get it right away.

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