Monday, May 25, 2009

Microsoft Run09 Uruguay and a UX Post Scriptum

According to Wikipedia, the word "Run" means

"Moving swiftly on foot for necessity, exercise, sport or fun, both in humans and animals."

The word has three more computer specific definitions and six sports related definitions. Eleven movies and eighteen songs are also related in some way to the word "Run".

Anyway, if you are part of the Microsoft Developers Community in Uruguay, from now on "Run" means one only thing for you: The biggest Microsoft event of the year. Don't miss it.

Run09 -
jueves, 04 de junio de 2009. 8:30 a 18:30
KDC, Latu.

P.S: Don't tell anyone, but I kinda hate the desktop-like Web UX of the site. I simply don't find the logic behind it. Why not using the good old "Document", or "Application"? I already have my Windows desktop, why giving me a second one? I only need content inside it, which is Docs and Apps. When the technology is shifting towards a zero crome browser (sorry, I had to say the c-word) to reinforce the "document"/"application" paradigm in Web, why should I be amazed by a translucent webtop? Cool tools in lousy hands.

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