Monday, August 27, 2012

On the #SharePoint Road Again

It's been a while since my last technical post. Now that the SharePoint 2013 buzz has started growing, thought it was a good time to resume posting.

After reading the annoucement post from the SharePoint team, the topic that puzzles me most is:

"Use SharePoint as an out-of-box application whenever possible - We designed the new SharePoint UI to be clean, simple and fast and work great out-of-box. We encourage you not to modify it which could add complexity, performance and upgradeability and to focus your energy on working with users and groups to understand how to use SharePoint to improve productivity and collaboration and identifying and promoting best practices in your organization."

What does it mean?? Is SharePlus no longer, as Microsoft used to say, an out-of-the-box product AND a dev platform?  What about being SharePoint the new "Service Platform" for the enterprise?

What about all the custom Corporate Social Networks, BPM and CRM-like solutions, built on top of SharePoint?

What about VARs that made the product successful by patching the limitations the product had with custom code?



Anonymous said...

It means you should use notepad to write code that runs on the client or another server and renders in in SharePoint page using an iFrame. This is progress?

Gustavo Degeronimi said...


I like the approach towards HTML5 and client side code, but what about custom masterpages, layout pages, event receivers, App pages, custom web parts, etc. etc?